Professional Edge Equine is located in Southwestern Ontario in the heart of horse country. Our four-season climate of highs and lows dictate many different scenarios for keeping our livestock and pets healthy and happy. Owning horses and cattle as well as a bunch of furry kids, created a challenge to source, use and qualify products that would be healthy and safe for our animals. We also wanted to make our feed management more efficient: less waste and less work. We were also interested in natural products for preventive care, all the while being very conscious not to interfer with nature’s way.


Healthy and Safe Slow-Feeding System for your horses. Available in different styles, colours and sizes.

Seabuck 7

SeaBuck 7 is a natural food-based supplement made in the USA that provides optimal health benefits for animals.


Not just for Equines! Llamas, sheep, goats, miniatures, cattle and exotics do very well with slow feeders.

Drury Feeders

Check out Drury Feeders! We are thrilled to be the supplie of this 150 Hour Eco Feeder is such that it is virtually indestructible.

Professional Edge Equine is “open” online! Well Almost 😉 

We are just searching the most affordable shipping options for our customers!

We are the Canadian Distributors for SEABUCK 7 COMPLETE & THE NIBBLENET®  HAYBAG. We are also sales reps for DRURY HEALTHY HORSE FEEDERS & THE NAGBAG.  We are very excited to share with our existing and new customers a great new look and a flawless online shopping experience. Our product catalog is just about complete & up and open for business! If you have any questions at all on any of our product lines, reach out, drop us a note, give us a call. We’d love to hear from you.

Ron & Lynne

THE NIBBLENET® in action!

Double Nibble Slow-N-Slower
Standard 9″
Extreme 940 & 1240


The Original NIBBLENET® found here!

From the Horse's Mouth

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Zoos & Parks LOVE us!

The original The NIBBLENET ® is not just for domestic animals. They are great for no waste and saving money in zoos and parks as well.

Seabuck 7

Backyard Chicken

Only 5 Cents Per Chicken, Per Day! SeaBuck 7 Backyard Chicken is a dietary supplement for all chickens (as well as turkeys, ducks, and other poultry animals), but specifically designed to benefit laying hens and Read more…

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