Only 5 Cents Per Chicken, Per Day!
SeaBuck 7 Backyard Chicken is a dietary supplement for all chickens (as well as turkeys, ducks, and other poultry animals), but specifically designed to benefit laying hens and egg quality/quantity. This $29.95 product supports up to 20 chickens for a month. If you have a small flock of 6 or so birds, this product will last for up to 90 days.

Benefits Include:

  • 50%-100% increase in egg production
  • Improved egg quality and nutrient profile
  • Up to 4 weeks earlier start to laying in juveniles
  • Healthier feathers and skin
  • Healthier waddle and comb
  • Better resistance to disease

The Product – Seabuck 7 – Backyard Chicken is made of our signature Premium Himalayan SeaBuckthorn, with the highest levels of Omega 7 and 190+ other bioactive compounds found to cause positive health benefits in humans and a wide variety of other animals. This product is also 99.9% natural.