SeaBuck 7 is a natural food-based supplement made in the USA that provides optimal health benefits for animals. The wildcrafted goodness of Himalayan sea buckthorn berry, used in SeaBuck 7, delivers the best possible nutrients including over 190 bio-actives and the densest and purest form of Omega 7 that contributes to improved internal and external functions in pets and livestock.

Numerous studies have confirmed the easily absorbed SeaBuck 7 supplement promotes healthier internal functions, maintains optimum weight, plus improves skin texture, coat shine, and luster. SeaBuck 7 liquid supplement contains the goodness of the entire sea buckthorn berry, purified water and nutrient stabilizer…no additional additives, just natural food-based nutrition.


The nutritional attributes of the sea buckthorn berry supports digestive health by ridding the body of unwanted toxins, promoting mucous membrane production and maintaining balanced pH levels.


Omega 7 is the fatty acid needed for the health of skin, hair and nails. Much the same as in humans, animals need Omega 7 to help retain moisture, boost collagen, aid in healing, and ward off damaging free radicals.


Animals spend a lot of time outdoors where skin-damaging free radicals continually break down and attack healthy cells. SeaBuck 7 provides a powerful variety of antioxidants for optimum health.


SeaBuck 7 promotes healthier passageways internally and the formation and maturation of sperm cells. Studies in horses have confirmed an increase in sperm motility and fertility.