SeaBuck 7 Equine Super stretch all in one bandage that maintains a secure comfortable natural fit.

Hands down the quickest and easiest bandage system to use. Takes seconds to secure and release, making it the most hassle free bandage system. Changing bandages will never again be a complicated, time consuming and stressful event for you or your horse.

This bandage was specifically designed to bend with, flex and mold to your horse at any angle with absolute comfort and ease.

Its gentle and its ergonomic construction allows your horse total freedom to move without any restrictiveness or discomfort.

Again, no worry about slippage as each Bandaflex design has a built- in non slip grip created specifically for your horse.

2 Single Strap Small, 4 Single Strap Medium,
4 Double Strap Large
Non Adhesive Bandages



We will not promote or endorse a product unless we are using it on our own horses and have verified its effectiveness.  We are thrilled at how this product has worked for us and we receive many compliments.