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Only 5 Cents Per Chicken, Per Day!
SeaBuck 7 Backyard Chicken is a dietary supplement for all chickens (as well as turkeys, ducks, and other poultry animals), but specifically designed to benefit laying hens and egg quality/quantity. This $29.95 product supports up to 20 chickens for a month. If you have a small flock of 6 or so birds, this product will last for up to 90 days.

Benefits Include:

  • 50%-100% increase in egg production
  • Improved egg quality and nutrient profile
  • Up to 4 weeks earlier start to laying in juveniles
  • Healthier feathers and skin
  • Healthier waddle and comb
  • Better resistance to disease

The Product – Seabuck 7 – Backyard Chicken is made of our signature Premium Himalayan SeaBuckthorn, with the highest levels of Omega 7 and 190+ other bioactive compounds found to cause positive health benefits in humans and a wide variety of other animals. This product is also 99.9% natural.

A Daily Treat! – Chickens LOVE this product on their feed. It’s like a treat and a healthy boost every day. Bag the mealworm treats and switch to a treat that makes your birds healthier and happier!

Get More Eggs! – SeaBuck 7 has been shown in numerous trials now to cause chickens to produce up to 100% more eggs. The eggs are typically larger, have harder shells, and taste better. They also have a thicker, darker yolk, typically indicative of a more nutritious egg with higher Omega 3 levels.

Save Money! – If your primary reason for having backyard chickens is for the fresh eggs, you can reduce the number of chickens you have to care for and support, and get the same number of eggs. Increase egg production of the hens you have by feeding them SeaBuck 7 daily. If you don’t want fewer chickens, you’ll have more eggs to sell or give to your happy neighbors!

Directions for Use:
Sprinkle on feed once per day:

  • ½ oz for under 10 chickens
  • 1 oz per 10-20 chickens
  • Add ½ oz per 10 additional

For animal use only

Active Ingredients Per oz:
Proprietary blend: Premium Himalayan Sea Buckthorn puree, fruit oil, and seed oil: 14,174 mg

Inactive Ingredients:
Water, Potassium Sorbate

Product Net Contents:
32 fl oz


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SeaBuck7 Backyard Chicken