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What Is It?

SeaBuck 7 Equine is a natural, whole-food-based dietary supplement for horses. The main ingredient is pureed sea buckthorn berries, the Earth’s best source of Omega 7. SeaBuck is also packed with Omega 3 and 9, a slew of antioxidants, and a total of 190 bioactive compounds that have a known positive effect to horse health.

Key Equine Benefits:

  • Reduced symptoms of gastric ulcers
  • Protection from formation of new gastric ulcers
  • Shiny, health coat and skin
  • Joint health support
  • Hoof/hock health support
  • Calmer temperament/improved focus

Why/How Does It Work?

SeaBuckhas been shown in numerous studies to support gastric health by healing and protecting against gastric ulcers. Dr Frank Andrews conducted 2 studies supporting this claim, one at the University of Tennessee and one at LSU.

The key functional ingredient in SeaBuck is pureed Himalayan Sea Buckthorn berries, the Earth’s greatest source of the elusive Omega 7 (palmitoleic acid). Omega 7 is a major component in epithelial cells, which make up the external skin and the linings of the gastrointestinal and urogenital tracts in horses.

The effect sea buckthorn has on equine coats has been observed for centuries. In fact, the botanical name for this plant is “Hippophae Rhamnoides” which, in Latin, means “shiny horse”.Yep, it’s true.Even the ancient Tibetans noticed this and wrote about it in their 1000-year-old sacred text, the Sibu Yidian.

Usage & Ingredients

Add Directly to Food or Water:
3 Simple Steps to better Equine Health

  2. MIX
  3. SERVE

Recommended Daily Dosage:

2-3 oz.- Maintains Health, Improves Skin & Coat Appearance
6 oz. – To Improve Reproductive Health
6 oz. – For Prevention and Treatment of Ulcers
6 oz. – During Training, Competition, Traveling, Strenuous Exercise
6 oz. – Recovering from Sickness or Injury


  • Wild Crafted Himalayan Sea Buckthorn Berry
  • Purified Water
  • Nutrient Stabilizer

Product Volume:

  • Gallon Size contains: 128 fluid ounces/3.78 Liters

Historically Proven to Improve Internal and External Health

SeaBuck 7 Equine is a natural, food-based liquid supplement made from wildcrafted sea buckthorn berries, the same miraculous superfruit used for centuries to improve the health, appearance and stamina of horses. SeaBuck 7 Equine is easily digested readily absorbed and provides a host of vitamins, nutrients and bioactives.

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