Not just for Equines!  Llamas, sheep, goats, miniatures, cattle and exotics do very well with slow feeders.
Please note: No horned or haltered animals should use them.
Benefits for your animals:

  • Slows down digestion/consumption
  • Bronchial & inhalant allergies are reduced significantly
  • Mimics grazing action
  • Keeps insulin levels even
  • Cribbing horses are helped
  • Helps with the prevention of ulcers and colic
  • Obese horses lose weight and thin horses gain weight
  • Horses are never without fiber intake

Benefits for you!

  • No wasted hay to clean up
  • Saves hours of labor on feeding
  • Horses are always ready to ride or work
  • No more rushing home to feed

What Size of Netting Should I Start With? 
N.A.G. Bag employee Shay Blais discussing the different sizes and what is most suitable for each size.